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CDPAP Home Care in Washington Heights, NY.

Pick a Loved One as Your Caregiver, and Health Aide Will Pay Them. Give Your Caregiver Money and Benefits - Start Now!

CDPAP Home Care

Your Trusted CDPAP Agency in Washington Heights, NY

We’re your trusted local CDPAP agency in Washington Heights, NY. With Medicaid, choose your caregiver. Health Aide ensures Medicaid payment for caregivers. (Please note, Medicare may not apply due to regulations.) If you’re unsure about Medicaid eligibility, call 123-456-789 to connect with a partner vendor for assistance.

Why Choose Us as Your CDPAP Agency

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from our experienced team’s expertise.

  • Seamless Enrollment: We simplify the process for you.

  • Dedicated Support: Count on us throughout your CDPAP journey.

  • Timely Payments: Your caregivers receive reliable, on-time payments.

  • Community Connection: We prioritize integrity and compassion in our services.

Explore Eligibility for Washington Heighs NY, New York's Top Medicaid Home Care Program

Curious about your caregiver options?

**Medicare Falls Short: Government Regulations Require More**

CDPAP agency office in Washington Heights NY
CDPAP Washington Heights NY Office
CDPAP services in Orange County NY

Getting Trusted Care in Washinton Height, NY

  • Get Assessed:
    • Fill out the form and submit the required paperwork.
    • A nurse will contact you to determine your eligible weekly hours of CDPAP (Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program) care.

  • Choose a Caregiver:
    • Select your preferred caregiver from your family: daughter, son, relative, or friend.
    • We’ll arrange an orientation call to complete your enrollment.

  • You Get Care – They Get Paid:
    • Receive reliable care and ensure your loved one gets paid instantly.
    • Experience peace of mind for all. It’s a win-win!

Real people. Real changes.

Based on 15 reviews
diana procida
diana procida
I have had the best 4 months of my life as a stage 4 cancer patient. Whose fema bone was eaten away by cancer. After extensive surgery i couldn't perform normal avtivities showering cooking cleaning laundery. I had no one to help. I then found out about this program inquired thoroughly and its been nothing short of a blessing. Health aide got involved with my health care and. Providing the resources needed to incorporate a family member with daily help so desperAtely needed. Thank you health aide org for restoring my dignity
Rivka Robbin Freeman
Rivka Robbin Freeman
Health Aide Inc helped me get a job that I really enjoy doing. They always respond asap. They are very supportive, able to field questions about the system and I really appreciate it.
Jessica Brewington
Jessica Brewington
I take care of my family through this service and gives the highest rate possible in this field . So if you know someone who is willing to do the work and get paid to do it in NYC or eligible areas that they serve, this company just might be for you.
Gladys Jackson
Gladys Jackson
Since l enrolled my mother with this agency, l have seen tremendous improvement in my mother's health, their care for my mom have been great. Keep up the good job Health Aide lnc.
Mel Lynn
Mel Lynn
My experience with Health Aide Inc has been tremendously positive. I am in a situation of having to take care of my sister who is developmentally disabled. I felt overwhelmed with the responsibility of taking care of my sister physically and financially, and not being able to go to work because my sister needs 24 hour care. And also the stress of living in NYC, a very expensive city. Health Aide Inc touched my heart with their professionalism, excellent communication and effectiveness. Health Aide Inc helped me every step of the way to help my sister and I to get into CDPAP program. All of the stress that I felt because of the large responsibility of caring for my sister was exchanged for a wonderful, calm confidence that everything was going to work out well. If there were 100 stars, I would give Health Aid Inc. 100 stars.
Stacey Stanislaus
Stacey Stanislaus
Nice people
Health Aide help my elderly grandmother find an agency where she was able to set her own schedule for the hours that she got aprove for that best work for her without the constant harrassment of her prior agency on a daily basis. Now my grandmother can go about her day with out worries. They also have an excellent customer service, quick response and give you correct and accurate information from the start. Highly recommend.
Chester Monroe
Chester Monroe
I'm very happy to rate my experiences with Health Aide, our coordinators in this branch have shown me an excellent performance, they listen and answers to our calls, very cooperative ,accomondative,reasons well with our criteria when unexpected incidents occur, bravo to you guys keep on the good job. Thanks again.

Caregiver Benefits:

Get Paid to Care for Family - CDPAP Washington Heights NY

Imagine having the freedom to pick a family member or friend to look after you. They can help you remember your medications, stick to your diet, and make sure you don’t miss any medical appointments. What if we could work together to make your life better?

With CDPAP from Health Aide Inc., we connect their love and willingness to help with your need for a caregiver. Take the step to choose CDPAP Home Care Services in Washington Heights today and feel the positive change.

Frequently Asked Questions: CDPAP Home Care Services in Washington Heights, NY

The CDPAP program was officially established in April 1995, following authorization by the New York State Department of Health.

Medicaid covers all expenses associated with the CDPAP program, and there are no enrollment fees for participants.

No, spouses are not permitted to serve as personal assistants under the CDPAP Program.

The total compensation for family caregivers depends on the number of hours worked. At our Fiscal Intermediary agency, hourly rates range from $17.55 to $21.09 per hour, with overtime rates ranging from $26.32 to $31.63 per hour. These rates serve as a general indication and may not necessarily represent the highest paying rates available.