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Your MLTC Benefits

VNS Health MLTC offers a comprehensive array of Medicaid long-term care and health-related services tailored to enhance your well-being while remaining comfortably at home, surrounded by the support of family and friends. Here’s how VNS Health MLTC can benefit you in the context of home care:

Home Care Services:

Family and friends can play a crucial role in providing care at home, and our program facilitates this by offering nursing, home health aide, and social work services to enhance the care your loved ones provide.

Medication Management:

Ensure that your medications are administered correctly and on schedule, preventing any potential health complications.

Personal Care:

Assistance with daily activities like bathing, dressing, and grooming can help you maintain your dignity and independence.

Chore Services and Housekeeping:

Household chores and cleaning tasks can be taken care of, creating a safe and comfortable living environment.

Nursing Home Care:

In certain cases, when it is medically necessary, our program covers nursing home care, adhering to Medicaid guidelines.

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program:

This program empowers you to hire, train, and manage your own personal care aides, giving you greater control over your care.

As a Health Aide working with VNS, we understand the importance of supporting caregivers who provide essential care for their family members or friends. Our mission is to assist caregivers in navigating the paperwork process so they can receive fair compensation for their dedicated service. Here’s how Health Aides work with caregivers to ensure they receive the support they deserve:

Streamlined Paperwork Assistance:

We recognize that dealing with paperwork can be overwhelming, but we’re here to simplify the process. We help people complete the necessary paperwork efficiently and accurately. We guide you through each step, ensuring all requirements are met.

Competitive Pay:

Caregivers who work with VNS receive a competitive rate of $21.09 per hour for their invaluable services. We believe in recognizing the hard work and commitment of caregivers, and this rate reflects our appreciation for the essential care they provide.

Paid Sick Leave:

We understand that caregivers may face unexpected health challenges themselves. To support their well-being, for every 30 hours worked, caregivers accumulate 1 hour of paid sick leave. This paid sick leave is also provided at the same rate of $21.09 per hour, giving caregivers peace of mind when they need time off due to illness.

Accumulating Sick Leave:

Caregivers have the ability to save up to 56 hours of sick leave in a year, ensuring they have sufficient coverage in case of extended health-related absences. This accumulation of sick leave allows caregivers to balance their own health needs with their caregiving responsibilities.

Weekly Pay:

Caregivers receive their well-deserved compensation on a weekly basis through direct deposit. This regular payment schedule helps caregivers manage their finances efficiently and ensures they receive their earnings promptly.