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Medicaid Consumer

1. DOH Form – Physician’s Order (for Consumer)

• Your Doctor must confirm that you, the Consumer, are authorized to receive services.

• This form is 100% Mandatory – Your doctor MUST fill out this form.

2. PCP Transfer Form (for Consumer)

• Changing Health Plans

• Consumer needs this form filled out by their Doctor to transfer from their current plan to any other type of health care plan.

3. CDPAP Welcome Package (for Consumer)

CDPAP Paquete de bienvenida (para el Consumidor)

• General information for the Consumer including rules and guidelines for CDPAP. Take a look to learn more about your rights as a Consumer and what type of coverage is included in CDPAP personal assistant.

4. CDPAP Caregiver Packet (for Personal Assistant)

General information for the Personal Assistant, including rules and regulations for CDPAP. In addition, the Personal Assistant standard HR forms are included in the packet.

5. Pre Employment Physicial

6. Timesheet

7. Other Forms