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CDPAP Program in Buffalo, NY.

Empower your loved ones to care for you while earning money and enjoying great benefits. Start now!

Empower Your Loved Ones to Care for You in Buffalo, NY

At Health Aide Inc., we empower seniors and those with disabilities to select their own caregivers from family or friends through New York’s CDPAP program.

Our goal is to enhance the well-being of both recipients and caregivers, fostering dignity and independence. Join us in Buffalo, NY.

Discover your eligibility for Buffalo, New York's leading CDPAP Home Care program funded Medicaid

Curious about your caregiver options?

**Medicare Falls Short: Government Regulations Require More**

Experience the ease of getting your family or friend to care for you in Buffalo, NY's CDPAP program by Medicaid!

NY CDPAP Home Care

Start Your Journey:

  • Fill out the form and submit required documents.
  • Our nursing team will determine your eligible weekly hours for CDPAP care.

Pick Your Caregiver:

  • Select your preferred caregiver from your family or friends.
  • We’ll arrange an orientation call to complete your enrollment.

You Receive Care – They Earn:

  • Enjoy reliable care while your loved one earns instantly.
  • Ensure peace of mind for all involved. It’s a win-win!

Unlocking Caregiver Benefits with Us

If you are a Medicaid beneficiary, Health Aide Inc. welcomes your application:

Our program is Medicaid-approved, ensuring that your caregiver receives payment through this avenue. It’s essential to note that, in line with current government regulations, Medicare alone may not suffice.

For those who do not currently have Medicaid coverage but believe they might be eligible, we encourage you to reach out to us at (716)350-0721. By contacting our partner vendor, you can explore potential eligibility and receive the support you need.

Health Aide Inc. stands ready to assist Medicaid beneficiaries. Our Medicaid-approved program ensures caregiver payment through this channel. It’s important to note that, under current regulations, Medicare alone may not cover all costs.

For those without Medicaid but potentially eligible, we encourage you to contact us at (716)350-0721. Our partner vendor can assist in evaluating eligibility and providing necessary support. Let’s work together to explore your options and ensure you receive the care you need.


Health Aide Inc. is a New York based company servicing clients in New York State. We are a dynamic team of healthcare professionals who strive to provide the best customer service experience.

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