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Nobody can take better care of you than a person who loves you.

At Health Aide Inc. we make sure you are taken care of by someone who cares

What is CDPAP?

Health Aide inc. Is a New York Department of Health Contracted and Insured provider of the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP). We are A Fiscal Intermediary-CDPAP Agency which allows Medicaid Consumers the ability to hire their own Caregiver, including family and friends.

Introducing your caregiver

Wondering who you can hire as a caregiver?

Maria needs someone to cook, clean and shop. She needs someone to:

Manage her bills

Monitor her medications

Take her to doctor's appointments

Prepare her meals

Do her laundry

Help with housekeeping

She needs a kind person to help her bathe, groom, and get around


What if

What if you could choose your loved one to take care of you? What if he/she could make sure you are taking your medication, following your diet, and going to medical appointments?

What if we could help you better your quality of life?

With CDPAP from Health Aide Inc. we will build a bridge between their love and good intentions, and your need for a Caregiver.

Am I Eligible?

To participate in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, the consumer must be:

Eligible for Medicaid.

Self-Directing or has an advocate willing to make decisions about the services being provided

Eligible for long-term home care

Got More Questions?

Maria is sick of getting a new aide every three weeks. She needs someone reliable for thelong term

Still not sure if you may be eligible?

Let us find the answer for you!