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Understanding CDPAP Home Care

Marian and her daughter, Sandra, shared an unbreakable bond. Marian, in her late 80s, faced various health complications and disabilities that necessitated assistance with various daily activities. She struggled to:

  • Manage her bills
  • Monitor her medications
  • Rely on help to take her to doctor’s appointments

Additionally, the tasks of preparing meals, doing laundry, and managing housekeeping had become increasingly challenging for her.

Sandra, a loving and devoted daughter, knew that her mother preferred familiarity and trusted relationships. She understood that Marian might not feel comfortable delegating these crucial tasks to a stranger, which is why Sandra was motivated to take on the caregiving responsibilities herself, despite having two children and a full-time job to support her own family.

Thanks to the CDPAP program, Sandra could not only provide her mother with the care she deserved but also receive compensation for her caregiving efforts. This financial support allowed Sandra to balance her responsibilities to her family while ensuring that Marian received the personalized care that only a daughter could provide. Together, they navigated the challenges of Marian’s health condition and made a significant change in their family’s history, all thanks to the invaluable assistance of the CDPAP program.

CDPAP Home Care Agency in NY

At Health Aide Inc, we are dedicated to providing exceptional Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) services, fully licensed under Medicaid guidelines. As an approved intermediary agency, we empower individuals in need of support to select their caregivers from close family members, dear friends, or the broader community.

CDPAP Program

Are you or a loved one in need of home care services? Look no further than the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, or CDPAP. This program allows individuals to choose their own caregiver, including family and friends. But with a program that grants so much control, you may have questions about how it all works. That’s where we come in.Health Aide Inc is happy to guide you through the process and help you with paperwork. Just book a call with us or call us at: (347) 625-3190

What is CDPAP?

The CDPAP program is a unique offering of the New York State Medicaid that gives eligible individuals the freedom to choose their own home care workers. This program allows consumers to recruit, hire, and direct their caregivers as they see fit. In addition to offering a sense of control, the CDPAP program also has the added benefit of allowing consumers to hire family members and friends into the role of caregiver. The Medicaid home care program has been a game-changer for many families who have found it difficult to manage the care of their loved ones. With CDPAP, consumers can rest assured that they have choices when it comes to their long-term care.

CDPAP and CDPAS: One Home Care Program

Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services (CDPAS) is another term used for the services provided under the CDPAP program. Despite the different acronyms, it’s important to understand that CDPAS and CDPAP refer to the same home care program, eliminating any potential confusion.

Eligibility Check

Can I qualify for CDPAP?

If you reside in Yonkers, NY, or any other locations where we are present across New York State, please schedule a call with us to determine your eligibility.

Your circumstances (mental and/or psychological conditions) make you an eligible Medicaid candidate

You qualify for prolonged assisted living or long-term term homecare

You have the ability to make an informed decision yourself or have a designated person decide on your behalf regarding the CDPAP program

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Health Aide Inc. serves as a Fiscal Intermediary for CDPAP. We do not manage the program directly. We can provide guidance and assistance, but the application and enrollment process for CDPAP has to be initiated through your Local Department of Social Services or Medicaid plan.

Do I need to join a Medicaid Managed Care plan to be part of the CDPAP Program?

Usually, most people need to join some type of Medicaid Managed Care plan to sign up. But don’t worry, you may get to pick the kind of plan you want to join. If you’re going to join the Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC), like many people do, there are a few different MLTC plans you can choose from. Each one has its own special benefits.

To understand more about these different plans, check out our article on Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) Plans.

CDPAP Comes at No Extra Expense (All Thanks to Medicaid!)

As mentioned earlier, CDPAP is a Medicaid initiative, implying that there are no additional costs for the home care service recipient. When someone applies for a CDPAP personal assistant, all they need is to be enrolled in Medicaid and demonstrate a need for home care. This need is determined by their MCO based on a nurse’s evaluation and doctor’s documentation.

The payment to your aide will be handled by Health Aide Inc. (i.e., the fiscal intermediary).

Where to Obtain a CDPAP Application?

If you’re looking to apply for CDPAP and are unsure about where to begin, it’s important to understand that the application procedure often involves multiple steps and is not simply about filling out one form labeled “CDPAP Application.” We’ve divided the process into three stages:



The majority of potential CDPAP participants will need to be evaluated by a nurse, possibly more than once, prior to enrollment


Consumer Forms:

There are specific forms that need to be filled out. For additional details, please visit our CDPAP Forms section.


Caregiver Selection:

Decide on the caregiver you prefer and trust the most.

Feeling overwhelmed with all the specifics and unsure of how to proceed? Don;t worry, as we’re here to assist you at every stage. You don’t have to stress over understanding every aspect of the enrollment procedure. Consider us as your personal “CDPAP enrollment” guide. Reach out to us, and our specialists will explain the entire application process and guide you through your enrollment.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Health Aide Inc. serves as a Fiscal Intermediary for CDPAP. We do not manage the program directly. We can provide guidance and assistance, but the application and enrollment process for CDPAP has to be initiated through your Local Department of Social Services or Medicaid plan.

How a CDPAP Home Care Agency Can Help You

Ready to join CDPAP Home Care?

Just call us at (347) 625-3190 and someone will help you sign up. Our team is here to help, and we’ll treat you like family.
If you live anywhere in New York state or New York City, you have to sign up. If your doctor makes choices for you, then your doctor has to sign you up.


  • To qualify for the CDPAP program, there are certain forms you need to complete. We’ve made these forms available for download here, so you can begin your sign-up process ahead of time.

For those looking to become patients:

For Potential Caregivers:

DOH Form – Physician’s Order (for Consumer)

  • Your Doctor must confirm that you, the Consumer, are authorized to receive services.
  • This form is 100% Mandatory – Your doctor MUST fill out this form.

Caregiver Form

Visit our form page for additional forms, such as the Fair Hearing form, PCP Transfer form, or others. If you require any assistance with the forms, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated intake team is more than ready to guide you through the process.

CDPAP Hours of Care: Meeting Your Needs

When it comes to CDPAP hours of care, there are two aspects to consider:

  1. Consumer’s Approved Hours: Consumers can receive home care services under the CDPAP Medicaid program with no strict maximum limit. In essence, they can be approved for up to 24 hours of care every day of the week. However, the specific number of hours approved is often determined by the consumer’s Medicaid Managed Care plan.

  2. Caregiver’s Weekly Hours: While there isn’t an official, across-the-board cap on how many hours a caregiver can work in a single week, it’s essential to note that most CDPAP fiscal intermediaries tend to limit caregiver hours beyond 40 per week. This limitation is typically in place to manage overtime costs effectively.

In summary, the CDPAP program offers flexibility in the number of hours consumers can receive, but caregiver hours are often monitored to ensure efficient and cost-effective care delivery. 

Who is Eligible to Be My Caregiver in the CDPAP Program?

Curious about who you can hire as a caregiver?

Caregiver Benefits:

Let Us Help You Enroll in the CDPAP Program

Let us simplify the process. Enroll now with our CDPAP Home Care agency, and we’ll assist you every step of the way.

CDPAP and Medicare

Does Medicare cover CDPAP?

Medicare does not typically cover the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP). This program is based on Medicaid, and enrollment requires you to have Medicaid. It’s worth noting that many individuals have both Medicare and Medicaid. These individuals can enroll in the program as their Medicaid will provide the necessary coverage.

If you only have Medicare and lack Medicaid, there may still be options for assistance. We have specialists well-versed in Medicaid who can guide you through the process of applying for Medicaid.

Best CDPAP Home Care Agency in Yonkers

Yes, we gave ourselves the title, but we believe we've earned it!

Health Aide Inc. is one of the top CDPAP fiscal intermediaries in New York City  and all over New York State. We’re not just another CDPAP agency. With Health Aide Inc., you get top-notch service. We always aim to meet your every need. Give us a call to see what makes Health Aide Inc. special.

We have locations in Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, and Yonkers. But no matter where you are in NY, we can usually come to you to help with paperwork. 

The CDPAP program lets New York’s elderly and disabled take charge of their home care.

CDPAP Home Care: Enhancing Your Quality of Life.

What if you could choose your loved one to take care of you? What if he/she could make sure you are taking your medication, following your diet, and going to medical appointments? What if we could help you better your quality of life?

With CDPAP from Health Aide Inc. we will build a bridge between their love and good intentions, and your need for a Caregiver.

Real people. Real changes.

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diana procida
diana procida
I have had the best 4 months of my life as a stage 4 cancer patient. Whose fema bone was eaten away by cancer. After extensive surgery i couldn't perform normal avtivities showering cooking cleaning laundery. I had no one to help. I then found out about this program inquired thoroughly and its been nothing short of a blessing. Health aide got involved with my health care and. Providing the resources needed to incorporate a family member with daily help so desperAtely needed. Thank you health aide org for restoring my dignity
Rivka Robbin Freeman
Rivka Robbin Freeman
Health Aide Inc helped me get a job that I really enjoy doing. They always respond asap. They are very supportive, able to field questions about the system and I really appreciate it.
Jessica Brewington
Jessica Brewington
I take care of my family through this service and gives the highest rate possible in this field . So if you know someone who is willing to do the work and get paid to do it in NYC or eligible areas that they serve, this company just might be for you.
Gladys Jackson
Gladys Jackson
Since l enrolled my mother with this agency, l have seen tremendous improvement in my mother's health, their care for my mom have been great. Keep up the good job Health Aide lnc.
Mel Lynn
Mel Lynn
My experience with Health Aide Inc has been tremendously positive. I am in a situation of having to take care of my sister who is developmentally disabled. I felt overwhelmed with the responsibility of taking care of my sister physically and financially, and not being able to go to work because my sister needs 24 hour care. And also the stress of living in NYC, a very expensive city. Health Aide Inc touched my heart with their professionalism, excellent communication and effectiveness. Health Aide Inc helped me every step of the way to help my sister and I to get into CDPAP program. All of the stress that I felt because of the large responsibility of caring for my sister was exchanged for a wonderful, calm confidence that everything was going to work out well. If there were 100 stars, I would give Health Aid Inc. 100 stars.
Stacey Stanislaus
Stacey Stanislaus
Nice people
Health Aide help my elderly grandmother find an agency where she was able to set her own schedule for the hours that she got aprove for that best work for her without the constant harrassment of her prior agency on a daily basis. Now my grandmother can go about her day with out worries. They also have an excellent customer service, quick response and give you correct and accurate information from the start. Highly recommend.
Chester Monroe
Chester Monroe
I'm very happy to rate my experiences with Health Aide, our coordinators in this branch have shown me an excellent performance, they listen and answers to our calls, very cooperative ,accomondative,reasons well with our criteria when unexpected incidents occur, bravo to you guys keep on the good job. Thanks again.

We're One of NY's Top CDPAP Home Care Agencies

Health Aide operates across 7 locations throughout New York State, offering assistance with paperwork and delivering exceptional personalized customer service. We're just one call away. Whether you're seeking a CDPAP home care agency in Yonkers, NY, or any other location where we are present, simply reach out to us. We are enthusiastic about helping you receive the care you deserve from someone you trust

Yonkers NY Family Caregiver CDPAP

CDPAP and Medicaid: Keeping Loved Ones Close, At Home

We alleviate the challenges facing differently abled individuals and senior citizens by bringing them closer to their desired caregivers through fully integrated plans that also allow them to stay inside the home.

CDPAP: Choose Your Trusted Caregiver, No Compromises on Comfort

We’ve worked with various clients who report being uncomfortable around traditionally hired aides due to a long list of reasons. Needless to say, nobody can care for you or your loved ones like those who cherish them. So, why waste time coming to terms with a stranger who, albeit their best efforts, simply isn’t the right fit for your long-term needs? If there’s already someone close to you who is willing and able to step in and perform the caregiver role, hire them instead. So while your everyday living needs are tended to, they get paid for their kindness.

Self Directed Home Care Services
CDPAP Services

CDPAP Home Care Agency: Putting You First

We’re a client-first company but that doesn’t just mean that we care for the elderly. At Health Aide, we recognize the selflessness of caregivers who put themselves last. And that’s exactly why our approach to home care is centered around the well-being of the individual in need of care as well as the one providing it. Our representatives are always in your corner, ready to help you navigate the process, make the right choices and develop a better understanding of Medicaid’s CDPAP and what its terms entail.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the CDPAP Program in New York (NY)

No, you do not need a license or certification to be a caregiver under the CDPAP program in New York.

The requirements for CDPAP in NY typically include being eligible for Medicaid, needing home care services, and the ability to self-direct or have a designated representative to assist in managing the program.

Eligibility for the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) in New York City is typically based on several factors, including:

  • Having Medicaid coverage: Applicants must have Medicaid to be eligible for CDPAP.
  • Medical need: Individuals must require home care services or assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) or skilled nursing tasks due to a medical condition.
  • Doctor’s prescription: A doctor’s prescription or recommendation stating the need for home care services is usually required.
  • Ability to self-direct care: CDPAP participants must have the ability to self-direct their care or have a designated representative who can manage their care plan.

It’s important to note that specific eligibility criteria may change over time, so it’s advisable to contact your local Medicaid office or a CDPAP agency for the most current information and guidance regarding eligibility in New York City.

The pay rates for CDPAP Personal Assistants can vary, but they are typically determined by Medicaid or the Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC) plan. The exact pay rate may depend on factors like location and the specific plan. 

Health Aide Inc CDPAP Home Care agency pays caregivers $21.09 per hour.

CDPAP in NY is primarily funded through Medicaid, which is a joint federal and state program that provides healthcare coverage to eligible low-income individuals.

Yes, a caregiver can live at the same address as the consumer they are providing care for under the CDPAP program.

Benefits of the CDPAP program in New York include the ability for consumers to choose their own caregivers, including family members, and have more control over their care plans.

If you do not have Medicaid, you may not be eligible for the CDPAP program. Medicaid is typically a requirement for participation.

No, Medicare does not cover CDPAP. It is primarily funded through Medicaid.

A fiscal intermediary (FI) is an organization that helps manage administrative tasks for the CDPAP program, such as payroll processing and caregiver training. FIs assist consumers in managing their care.

Under CDPAP, consumers or their designated representatives have more control over decisions related to their care, including choosing and managing their caregivers and creating care plans.

CDPAP is available in all counties of New York State.

You can find out if you’re eligible for CDPAP by contacting your local Medicaid office or a CDPAP agency, which can help you assess your eligibility and guide you through the application process.

No, eligibility for home care services does not exclude someone from benefiting from the CDPAP program. CDPAP offers an alternative way to receive home care services with more control over caregiver selection.

To be a CDPAP Personal Assistant, you typically need to meet certain eligibility requirements and qualifications, such as being legally allowed to work in the United States and meeting the program’s specific criteria.

The primary benefit of the CDPAP program is the ability for consumers to receive home care services while having more control over their care plans. It doesn’t provide health insurance or specific health benefits to caregivers.

To become part of the CDPAP program, you will need to contact a CDPAP agency, complete an application, and go through an assessment to determine your eligibility and care needs.

Yes, under the CDPAP program, family members can get paid for providing care to their eligible family members in New York.

Yes, children can get paid to care for their parents under the CDPAP program in New York.

Yes, spouses can get paid to take care of each other under the CDPAP program in New York.

Yes, parents can get paid for taking care of their children with disabilities under the CDPAP program in New York.

Yes, siblings can get paid to care for each other under the CDPAP program in New York.

To become a paid caregiver through the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) in New York, follow these steps:

  1. Check eligibility: Ensure your family member qualifies for CDPAP, typically with Medicaid and a need for home care.
  2. Get a doctor’s prescription: Obtain a doctor’s recommendation for home care.
  3. Choose a Fiscal Intermediary (FI): Select an FI to manage administrative tasks.
  4. Create a care plan: Work with a healthcare provider to develop a care plan.
  5. Apply for CDPAP: Contact your local Medicaid office or chosen FI to start the application process.
  6. Assessment and approval: A nurse will assess your family member’s needs, and once approved, they’ll enroll in CDPAP.
  7. Caregiver training: Complete required training if necessary.
  8. Begin caregiving: Start providing care, log hours, and tasks, with payments managed by the FI.
  9. Ongoing responsibilities: Continue delivering approved care and maintain accurate records.
  10. Regular assessments: Expect periodic assessments to ensure the care plan suits your family member’s needs.

Always check for the latest information and guidance from local Medicaid offices or CDPAP agencies, as program details may change.

Family caregivers are typically unpaid individuals, often family members, who provide care to their loved ones. Home health aides are trained professionals who provide care as a paid service.

Personal Assistants under the CDPAP program can provide a wide range of home care services, including assistance with activities of daily living, medication management, and companionship.

CDPAP Agencies are organizations that assist with the administration of the CDPAP program, including caregiver recruitment, training, and payroll processing. They help consumers manage their care independently.

The initial program came into existence in 1992, and it was officially renamed CDPAP three years later.

By the year 2000, over 1000 individuals had enrolled in the CDPAP program. Since then, participation has steadily grown, with significant increases each year. Today, CDPAP services are available in every county health department and through every Managed Care Organization (MCO).

Before the CDPAP program, healthcare providers, rather than consumers, were primarily responsible for making decisions about the care provided at home

No. While we help you with the registration process, the client – designee – assumes complete responsibility for supervising (when needed) the appointed caregiver.

Yes. The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program applies to anyone with a disability even if they’re a minor. Having said that, individuals under 18 must pass a community health assessment and have the necessary proof (clinical reports and doctor’s word) to prove that they are eligible to be part of the CDPAP.

We cannot appoint external aides of our own volition under the CDPAP guidelines. Assigning a backup caregiver along with maintaining what they will be paid is the designee’s responsibility.

First and foremost, you need to register for Medicaid, regardless of income, by applying at the local Department of social services. Once the Medicaid approval comes in, reach out to our professionals for seamless CDPAP processing.

The Medicaid body holds the power to deny applications depending on a variety of factors. In most cases, patients who receive Medicaid often don’t have substantial income. However, certain cases are an exception. We encourage you to apply for Medicaid if you meet their eligibility criteria.