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HealthAide asks your Medicaid Managed Care provider about your CDPAP eligibility and the number of paid care hours you’re entitled to on a weekly basis. This helps cut out hundreds of wait hours so you get the help you deserve—quickly.

Appoint your Personal Assistant.

You select your personal assistant (PA). If needed, HealthAide will help you design a plan to train, supervise and retain a dependable aide. Patients are able to direct their own care and enjoy full control by managing daily schedules of their Personal Assistant.

Get great care-while providing a living.

Once you’ve designated your PA, HealthAide helps him or her enroll with a NY State Fiscal Intermediary. The Fiscal Intermediary (usually a home care company) then works with Medicaid to quickly and efficiently release funds in a steady, reliable manner.

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You can self-direct your caretakers.

If you qualify for the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) under New York State’s Managed Long Term Care program,  you can self-direct your caregivers. The program includes geriatric (senior) care and child care. Spouse and parent are the only exclusions for the caregiver/consumer relationship.

Take the power into your own hands by making choices about your home health services.


Never feel like a burden again because compensation is paid to your loved ones for their assistance.

What is CDPAP?

The consumer directed personal assistance program allows Medicaid consumers to recruit, hire, and direct their own home attendant independently of a home care agency.

Who Qualifies for CDPAP?

There are three qualifications:

  1. Consumer must have Medicaid Insurance

  2. Consumer must be 21 years of age or older and live in New York

  3. Consumer must be eligible to enroll into a Managed Long Term Care plan.

Responsibilities of the Medicaid consumer:








As of April 1, 2016, caregivers of Medicaid recipients that are not “legally responsible” for a Medicaid consumer’s care and support may qualify for payment by becoming a Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) assistant. This direction concerns the parent of an adult child (21 years of age or older) that may qualify as an adult child’s CDPAP assistant if the following conditions apply:
• As long as the caregiver is not also the Medicaid recipient’s “designated representative.”

• In situations where the parent lives with the child/consumer, the relative must live with the consumer because the amount of home care services the Medicaid recipient requires makes the presence of the relative necessary.

Beyond the help a personal care aide can perform, CDPAP assistants are able to provide “skilled” care activities that would otherwise need to be performed by a nurse. Such tasks include:

• Tracheostomy care, including suctioning

• Oxygen administration

• Medication administration

• Insulin injections

CDPAP Regulations in NY State

In New York State, all counties and all Managed Long Term Care and Managed Care plans are now required to offer this CDPAP program and give “eligible individuals” the option to join.  Individuals considered eligible are those that qualify for services provided by a home health company, a long-term home health care waiver program, personal care (home attendant), or AIDS home care program.

Responsibilities for the state of New York under the NYSDOH are as follows:

“(i) processing the weekly payroll for the Personal Assistants; (ii) coordinating annual leave, health insurance, and other benefit programs for the Personal Assistants; (iii) providing periodic nursing supervision; (iv) providing assistance with recruiting, training, service coverage, and personnel management; (v) creating an advisory committee that includes the Consumer, family members, medical professionals, and other advocates to oversee the quality of services being provided; and (vi) providing continuing education and training opportunities for Personal Assistants.”

How a CDPAP Caregiver Gets Paid

Under the CDPAP program, a patient has the choice to select and train their personal caregiver, which can even be a family member. Caregivers under this program are considered independent consultants and receive payment via a “fiscal intermediary,” which is an entity contracted to provide services under the county guidelines or managed care plan.

What role does HealthAide play?

HealthAide works with several NY State certified Fiscal Intermediaries and NY State Managed Long Term Care plans for CDPAP. This allows the consumer to choose which provider is best for them.